Monday, November 30, 2009

Last week!

Hey whats going on!!

Last week was crazy christamd day and the strike was hardly in college!
Loads to do have a database due in for Friday have the website due in for tomorrow!
had a Database exam today only found out last night great!

Christams day was a good old crack!shit at the start though because we had a project managment exam 2-3 that kinda put a damper on the day:(!everyone seemed to get on fine with it so we were happy enough to get the drinkn started as soon as we came out haha!!
great night gave up at half elevn though was so wrekd!!

well in the middle of doing my website so talk soon!!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Howdy everyone!!


x factor

sooooo "jedward" are really growing on me!!i loved afro though he rocked my socks and he kinda cute if he had less hair!!simon deserved to loose an act this week after the stunt he pulled last week!shakira's voice kinda freeks me out to be honest but she looks unreal TO BE FAIR!
cheryl or shakira lads??hmm

weekend/last week

ehm headed to that "class party" tuesday night n the Bailey was packed!didnt no who was apart of the class party..headed to cubins then was unreal!!back to the girls place then there wasnt even a decent conversation cos every1 was hammered!JULIE robbed my blanket:(:(!!
headed to heavanas fri night cud old banter!!

Its feckkn freezin!!

Cant wait for beyonce!!!!!

wooo bring on christmas not one of these crazy people who counts the days but its close!!

Off wednesday?
Off next tuesday for some strike?
Christmas day next thursday?
no wonder i get notin done lik!!

thats all for now!feel kinda strange up dating my blog at home:D!
lindz xx

Monday, November 9, 2009

i cant even comment on the x factor this week....
Ne wayz class party 2 morrow night inside the Bailey don't think ill go though working ahhhh think everyone is going lik!!!
Weeknd was good enough ended up in the Brog firday night gud old crack stayed in the rest of the weekend!
In college at the moment i want to go home like!have to go to the gym after this prob be half dead by the time i get home haha


Friday, November 6, 2009

decs birthday/exams

watz up:D

i love olly:D:D
any way had decs birthday monday night what a crack a night of RANDOMNESS is all i will say:Dit started with a quiet session in mag's house and we ended up in heavanas great crack fairly packed for a monday night...
soooo any way im seriously overloaded with work i no i leave everthing to the last minute but still lik GIVE US A BREAK!!got 10% on my web exam wasnt expectin that by at worst result ive ever gotten!posted over my essay awhile ago watch now no one will pass that either there will be up roar:Dha
Just had a database exam it actually wasnt as bad as i thought it would be to be fair!think i passed it but saying that i thought the same about web!!
cant beleive im still in college at half 1 on a firday this never happens!!
any way headin out for dinner with my girls tonight thats the plan so far any way tlk to ye monday!!

ohhhhh and marian has a very special way of eating chips!!

how she's still alive is news to me:D:

Monday, November 2, 2009


weekend was crazy!!heavanas was rockin sat night waaaayyyy to packed tho!ahhhh got caught in all the rain was lik a mad women running around haha!!

soooo tis monday moring and for some reason i was in college in all for half 8 dont no wat the world is coming to!decs birthday today!!havent heard from him all weekend so dunnno what the plan is yet!!presume mags house again:D

nearly fell asleep there in the class hate Moonday mornings!!!
well thats all for now!
lindzx x

Thursday, October 29, 2009



sooo halloween is saterday and the girls are having a pyjamas party and heading to heavans!wooo cant wait kelz birthday free bar (only joking)!!
eden hall is going to be rockin tonight bring it on!J1 all the way!!Mar and dec arent coming out wats that about like??Me emma and Brid going as santas helpers (santa baby haha) and theres a few pirates nurses and all that crack floating around!!
Then i suppose falling down to the loft hopefully a bit late cos im working till bout nine!!
NOT GOING TO TOWN!!(well thats me saying this sober but hopefully ill stick)
Oh ya lads we have to update the BOOK!!J1 has created this "love heart wall thing" but the book will be coming out in the moring for all the banter:D!
well im all typed out the month of November is going to be a blur and is kicking off wit Decs birthday Monday!(oh and Mar is moving to J1 for a few days SESSION)

Im Done

Lindz x x

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hate exams..

wats up!!

i love ollie!!:D:Dxxx

X factor

loving the x factor!but dunno what cheryl was up to this week giving the two lads shoking songs felt so bad on them!oh and i think she's slowly but surely turning into simon Cowell..still love her though!ahhh the cheryl Cole shampoo:D:D

Last week

Some laugh last week on mag's house never know who's going to stroll in the door!!ha never a girl though(declan you no what im talkin about)

Ahhhh exams all week alergic like GIVE US A BREAK!!had html exam yesterday learnt how to do it about two mins before the exam never did it in first year so bit behind EVERYONE!!!not really understanding it to be honest!ehmm mis exam tomorrow not looking forward to that tried to study for it last nite and fell asleep!!

Bring on Thursday night off friday thank god!hopefully the exam will go well tomorrow so we can all celebrate rather then drown our sorrows!! COME ON MAR YOU HAVE TO COME OUT!!

thats all for now!!